On-Line PaymentS

Collect rent faster with online payment options. Modern residents expect easy, online payment options. With our on-line portal for tenants to pay electronically, it's quick and easy!

​Century 21 utilizes the latest technology allowing tenants to pay their rents and submit maintenance online, direct deposit for you, weekly reports showing activity on your property and much more!

Looking for Stress Free

Property Management?

  • Century 21 provides all the forms and does all the screening: finding quality tenants is a breeze with us. 
  • We will deal with your tenants: If you've ever self-managed you may have found yourself in the scenario where your tenant is facing an emergency and you are busy and can't come to their rescue. Partner with Century 21 Property Management and you'll never do this again!
  • Maintenance Fast: Century 21 has a team dedicated to the repairs and maintenance on your properties. They'll provide options and navigate you through any speed bumps that occur along the way.
  • We provide an on-line portal allowing you to view full accounting and deposit reports and check the status of your property from anywhere!
  • Your Money: Let's not forget this rental property is supposed to be a profitable investment for you. Our main priority is insuring you receive your money each month. You'll never again need to worry about your tenant's deposits or gathering the required documentation.
  • Marketing: Our efforts go far beyond putting your property in the MLS and syndicating to the various real estate sites across the web. With Century 21, we  deliver effective marketing plans that include the latest digital strategies to generate demand and attract credit-worthy tenants.
  • Quality Assurance: We conduct property inspections every 6 months on your property to insure everything is going great with your rental home. 
  • ​Getting the maximum market rent
  • Having all the paperwork done for you (which makes your life easier at tax time).thorough tenant screening and selection
  • Leveraging our relationships with maintenance and repair vendors, saving you money
  • Filling vacancies fast with a detailed marketing plan money.
  • ​Having a team of Century 21 professionals on your side who are knowledgeable and well-versed on the most current landlord-tenant laws.
  • ​Freeing up your time (you can't put a price on that!)

Our full service management includes administrative services, secure on-line payment, account management and operation management services. When you work with Century 21 Property Management, rent collections, rental surveys, tenant screening, leasing, property maintenance coordination, property inspections, financial record keeping, bill paying, lease provision enforcement and tenant access to 24-hour emergency service is all taken care of for you. We make owning your property simple and only require you to read your monthly statement and receive your monthly check.


 If you have been searching for the right home manager that fits your standards, you have found us. Call or email us and we will set up an appointment to get together.

Not in the area? No problem! It’s easy to do everything remotely. Your home will thank you. Your future tenants will thank you. We will thank you for trusting us with your investment.

Accountant managemenT 

We provide property owners with monthly financial statements confidentially posted to your owner portal. The monthly statement includes all financial activity and copies of the bills we paid on your behalf. This report also includes year to date information that will conveniently provide all of your annual figures for tax purposes. If you ever have questions regarding your statement, you can contact one of our helpful accounting staff members.



Benefits of using century 21 for youe property management needs

Owning an investment property can be exhausting. Let Century 21 take care of all the details and make your life easier. You'll be surprised how cost-effective our services are and how they literally pay for themselves by: 



Century 21 Property Management excels at managing your property administration so that it runs smoothly and on time. At Century 21, we handle all correspondence and communications.

If you ever have questions regarding your property, you can contact one of our helpful staff members.

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our services include:

Operation Management 

We outsource much of your property’s maintenance needs to a preferred list of vendors, most of which we have been using for several years. This relationship and purchasing power helps our clients get a better than market price for most of the work that is requested.

Should you have your own preferred list of vendors, we would be happy to contact them on your behalf.

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